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Bungles the Clown


Jeff Potts became interested in clowning as a teenager after watching his grandmother entertain young children at a church carnival. His curiosity launched him into a world not taken serious by many people.  After extensive self-study, and eventually professional training, “Bungles the Clown” emerged.

So excited about his new endeavor, he sought to pass his knowledge on to others. Two decades later, his love for the art continues to grow.   He has instructed many individuals privately as well as taught publicly to both adults and children.


One of Jeff’s goals is to help children and adults alike understand and appreciate what clowning is all about.   He performs “The Clown's Trunk”, a program he developed to introduce the many different components of clowning. 

Additionally, he developed the "Comedy Clown Clinic" which is used to teach aspiring clowns the basics. This unique clown school has been successful in helping others realize their dream of performing in this venue. He has taught several classes in his local community and at several regional conventions.


Bungles the Clown has performed in various arenas, from children’s birthday parties to the circus, grand openings to grand parades, summer reading programs to school assemblies, wherever a clown is needed.  Jeff understands the importance of preserving the ancient and honorable art of clowning and is committed to bringing smiles and laughter to all by providing the opportunity to escape the routine of life…if even for just a few moments.

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