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Meet the Company

The Company

Meet the performers who work closely with Bungles the Clown

Little Lou - A very creative clown with terrific comic timing.  His compassion for people allows him to delight audiences both young and old.  

Crazy - Shy at first meeting, he soon lets you in on how he got his name.  His wild antics are only to be outdone by his out- of-control hair.  

Rascal - Enthusiastic, energetic and endless escapades. Expect a lively time when this clown arrives.

Janey Bell - She may act a little dingy, but she’s just excited to meet people .  Janey Bell is full of expression and quite compassionate.

Bubba - Everyone’s favorite hobo clown.  Even though he’s down on his luck, Bubba is always happy to share whatever he has.  He always leaves folks smiling.

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