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Current Inventory

Bungles' Original Foam Pie Shell-------20.00
Bird in a Bag Gag-----------------------7.00
Egg Balancing Gag----------------------35.00
Free Face Painting Gag-----------------10.00
Free Tickets Gag------------------------6.50
Juggling Bean Bags----------------------6.00
Juggling Scarves------------------------6.00
Little Lou's Amazing Tennis Ball--------3.00
Rascal's Razzberry Horn----------------15.00
Crazy's Talking Bird Puppet-------------7.00
Clowny Water Bottle Insulator-----------3.00
Water Bottle Lasso----------------------1.50
Giant Ink Pen---------------------------4.00
Funny Glasses---------------------------3.00
Flashing Magnetic Pins------------------2.00
Bungles' Original Topper Wigs----------36.00

    We offer quality props at low prices !!!!! 

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